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Equipping Room

Equipping, growing and ​establishing the prophetic ​from Perth, Western ​Australia.

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About Us

Firstly welcome! I’m Maria and it's so good to connect with you here. The vision for the ​Prophetic Equipping Room began in 2023 from a heart's desire and a strong prophetic ​word to equip, grow and establish the prophetic voice in Western Australia.

I initially began this journey of the Prophetic Equipping Room in Perth, alongside a ​group of prophetic women with teachings and activations, to help put language and ​biblical understanding behind their prophetic encounters, dreams and visions.

My husband and I then prayed about further equipping more people to understand the ​basics of the prophetic. This vision was greatly received from our own prophetic ​community and those who lead Christian community. So I now offer training and ​equipping in the prophetic to the wider community. This excites me as I look forward ​to what God has in store for the people of Perth.

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My Role as a Prophetic Mentor

"My role as a mentor is to provide biblical ​knowledge with my experience and ​encourage those new to the prophetic. I ​also aim to equip people with the ​different tools we use in our prophetic ​practice through teaching and ​activations, all under the guidance of ​Holy Spirit. I start by building on your ​understanding of the prophetic gift (1 ​Corinthians 14:3-5) and as you grow in ​your journey with Jesus Christ through a ​deeper relationship, I can then help ​facilitate that growth.”

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Training and Certification

My prophetic training and certification is as below:

  • Miracle Clinic Training - Global Prophetic Alliance/ Online Team 2020
  • Core Prophetic Training - Global Prophetic Alliance 2021 - 2024
  • HeartSong Prophetic Alliance/ Certificate - Australia 2022
  • Global Prophetic Alliance Training (Australia Hub) - Team Leader/Member 2022 - ​2023
  • Immanuel Training - Practicum Beginning Seminar - 2023
  • Australian Prophetic Nest - Team Leader/Member - 2023
  • Prophetic Equipping Room Monthly Teaching and Activations - Leader 2023/2024
  • Australia/New Zealand Prophetic Company 2023/2024
  • Immanuel A1 Seminar Training - 2024
  • Australia/New Zealand Prophetic Company 2024/2025
  • Excellence in the Supernatural Online Mentorship 2024/2025

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Published Prophetic Word
Published Prophetic Word
May 2023
June 2024
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Introduction to the Prophetic Online Course

What we offer in the month

Join us and be released to stir up the prophetic gift within you each week via our online ​course. Hear fresh teaching and be challenged as we lead you into activations in our group ​sessions each week. Each 1-hour online session is presented via zoom and will cover ​different topics each week from; prophetic journaling, dreams including colours, numbers ​and common symbols, an introduction to prophetic intercession and plenty of prophetic ​activations! We will also send you follow up worksheets with highlights after each session. ​We’d love to have you join us.

Prophetic Teaching Content -

Session 1: Prophetic Journaling

Session 2: Dreams, Symbols, Numbers, Colours

Session 3: Group Prophetic Activations

Session 4: Introduction to Prophetic Intercession

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Word of Knowledge Teaching and Activation ​Session

What we offer in this one off zoom online session:

Join us in this fresh new session of teaching around the ‘word of knowledge’ based on ​1 Corinthians 12:7 – 8, as we learn about how the word of knowledge can be utilised in ​our daily life and how it differs from a prophetic word. Our 1.5-hour online session via ​zoom, will provide you with teaching on the word of knowledge, what it can look like, ​scriptural references as well as breakout zoom rooms; where we will practice activations ​based on the word of knowledge teaching in small groups. It will be a great session and ​we invite you to join us as we learn and activate together! We will also send you a follow ​up worksheet with highlights after the session. We’d love to have you join us.

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Is prophetic training important?

Yes it is!

  • it extends on your individual knowledge with deeper biblical ​teaching around the prophetic as you journey alongside Holy Spirit,
  • it provides you with an opportunity for growth within a prophetic ​community of believers,
  • you are challenged to participate in stepping out of previous ​comfort zones in group activations,
  • you will learn new skills and be encouraged to journey throughout ​the process with a deeper intimacy with Jesus.
Speak your truth

Yes it is!

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"We should expect a personal journey of growth and a fresh boldness when we are being trained in the prophetic."

Maria (Prophetic Mentor)

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Previous Testimonials

"It is the first time in my life (apart from being in prayer teams) that I ​have felt rapid growth and spiritual covering in the prophetic. To be ​part of a "school of the prophets" with others, is a real answer to ​prayer..."

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S.R Perth

"Thank you for such an informative and great time sharing what you know ​and being such an encouragement to us all. Absolutely blessed by your ​wisdom..."

Perth Equipping Room Attendee

"I looked forward to joining in for each session, as it has helped me ​majorly in my quiet time with the Lord..."

Perth Equipping Room Attendee

"You made me feel I belong. Maria, thank you for introducing me to a ​community of like minded women. I feel like I've grown more personally with ​the Lord through dreaming consistently, and I'm loving it..."

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K.F Per​th

“It was so encouraging to participate and also get words from ​others and also give them. It felt like a very safe space to hear from ​God and learn how to hear him in so many creative ways. I loved it.”

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C.T Perth

“A very helpful brief coverage of prophecy for those just stepping into it, ​and for those who are more experienced - something for everybody.”

G.M Victoria

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Interested in registering ?

Email us about joining the next training ​sessions.

one month

prophetic training

dates - 2024



MARCH - Completed

JUNE - Thursdays 6pm - 7pm (AWST)

Dates: 6th, 13th , 20th, 27th June via Zoom


word of knowleDge ​session

price $15.95

JULY - Monday 29th July 2024

6pm - 7.30pm (AWST) via Zoom

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